Meets on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month


14th New Forest East (Applemore) Scout Headquarters

Applemore College

Roman Road



SO45 4RQ


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We are the Waterside New Forest Radio Club

We aim to have a talk or demonstration on the 1st Tuesday and need suggestions and volunteer speakers to fulfill this. Some dates are traditionally fixed in our calendar such as; Surplus Equipment Sale, AGM or the social events HF Picnic, Mince Pie Night and January Dinner.

The club was formed in 1979 as the Shortwave Club at Gang Warily but we have no documentation or photos. The name eventually changed to the Waterside Amateur Radio Society and then again in 2006 to what we are now. The club met at the Hythe Community Centre before we had the use of the Scout Headquarters here at Applemore.

Waterside Shortwave Club, Newsletter No 15 : December 1982

From the archives of Rod G6LVJ, a blast from our past by Mike G4HXT This was the first issue after many of us had just acquired our licences the previous May, I think, so it's historically significant for many of us!



Since putting this newsletter up, Mike G4HXT has kindly put all his copies including issue #1 of Waterside Shortwave Club Newsletters in pdf format on his own site for all to view.

Perhaps you too have some old newsletters we could add to the site.

Our normally well attended social events, where the yls and the xyls can come along and commiserate with each other, have their own fixed calendar such as the HF Picnic held in 'the forest' (New Forest for those outside the area) usually the last Sunday in July or the 1st, in August. I don't think we've ever been rained off. The Mince Pies and Mulled Wine Night is always the 1st Tuesday in December where the wine is mulled with a secret recipe from a local supermarket and mince pies and sausage rolls are coming out your ears. hi hi. The club's year (April to April) is drawing to a close with the January Dinner which started a number of years ago to celebrate a 21st year in its then format, The dinners have continued at various local venues accompanied by our infamous raffle, where it's usually difficult to go home without a prize.


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